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It can be overwhelming to choose among the many flooring options available for your room. While there are a lot of popular options like Plain Hardwood, Vinyl, Linoleum, tiles or even bare carpets to choose from, it is very important to go for durability above all other qualities.

solid-hardwoodTraditional Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is an old method of flooring but still has a lot of popularity today because of its durability. It has replaced in some homes, concrete flooring. Hardwoods are made from milling planks from timber, floors made of these hardwoods withstand a lot of wear and tear.

There are a lot of buildings out there, built decades ago and still have this very flooring option in them because of its high durability.

Some of the qualities of Hardwood flooring

  • Ability to withstand a high amount of wear and tear.
  • Exist in different shapes and design. 
  • Ancient buildings still have some of this flooring in them
  • It can easily be replaced.

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sheet-vinylVinyl Flooring

This is another cost effective method of flooring which comes in breath-taking designs. Modern vinyl flooring is used because of its varying options and durability. Having a lot of designs, it becomes easier to choose one that complements the look of your room.

The vinyl flooring has also become the number one option for high traffic areas because of its ease of maintenance, durability and jaw-dropping design variations. Vinyl Flooring is applicable to many uses.

Vinyl Flooring comes with very good qualities:

  • Has a wide range of designs to fit into any environment
  • Cheap and easy to afford.
  • Very durable.
  • It can easily be replaced when damaged

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laminate-flooringLaminate Flooring

Laminate flooring, also known as floating wood comes in a lot of designs [Insert client’s product] made from resins and fiber board materials.

The laminate flooring has also grown in popularity due its easy and DIY installations. You can’t go wrong having this has a flooring option in one of your rooms, has it comes cheap while having a durable lifespan.

It has very good qualities, some of them includes:

  • Easy installation and goes anywhere in the room.
  • Exist in slate or tile
  • Builds a sense of style and luxury
  • Versatile and durable

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Carpet Flooring

This method of flooring requires no introduction because of its popularity. It is known to represent cultural values, therefore, you can choose from a lot of varieties, from the Spanish, Pakistan, France, Azerbaijan and a host of them.

Carpets flooring are used for many purposes apart from its basic use. It can serve as an insulating medium from cold tiles, reduce the noise coming from the sounds of footsteps and even act as a cushion on the floor. Because of its varieties and availability, it can be less costly than other flooring options.

It also comes with a lot of qualities:

  • Readily available in various designs and shapes
  • Easy to maintain
  • It can serve a lot of purposes.
  • Cheap and affordable.

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